Why Do I Have Jaw Pain?

The jaw is one of the most important bones in our body, yet people often neglect to think about it on a regular basis. However, those will jaw pain undoubtedly view the jaw as a source of constant hurt. Jaw pain can be an incredibly uncomfortable problem and is currently experienced by about 12% of people. The problem can lead to symptoms like facial pain, muscle tenderness, alignment issues, headaches, jaw locking, swelling, and more.

What’s causing this pain to occur in the first place? There can be a variety of factors, and ultimately, only your dentist or doctor can diagnose the problem for you. The most common causes of jaw pain include a variety of problems, such as arthritis, dental issues like gum disease, damaged teeth, or abscesses, vascular pain, and more. The most common cause of jaw pain is

The most common cause of jaw pain is temporomandibular joint disorder, often known as TMJ or TMD. Your temporomandibular joint is a hinge that connects your jaw to the bones of your jaw that are in front of your ears. This hinge enables you to move your jaw up, down, and side-to-side, allowing you to talk and chew food. This joint is, therefore, incredibly important for a normal and healthy lifestyle. TMJ most commonly affects women of

TMJ most commonly affects women of childbearing age and can be treated by a dentist or a doctor, depending on the problem. At our office, we offer Trudenta assessment and treatment procedures that aim to correct the problem and relieve our patients from jaw pain. The evaluation/assessment process consists of tests known as a bite force analysis and range of motion analysis. Once the problem has been thoroughly identified, treatment can begin. The Trudenta treatment is painless and non-invasive — no needles or drugs are involved. Depending on the severity of the diagnosis, patients require from one to twelve treatments, completed weekly. This means that a patient with even the most severe jaw pain symptoms can achieve lasting relief in just three months.

If you have any lingering questions about jaw pain, or if you would like to schedule a dental exam, please contact our team or make an appointment. Our incredible staff will give you the best dental care possible.

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