Three Signs of Gingivitis

Gums play an incredibly important role in our mouths. They function primarily to protect the entire root of our teeth from damage. When healthy, gums are a thick, pinkish protective tissue that doesn’t bleed. However, when gums aren’t healthy, the problem can lead to exposed teeth roots, which can become very sensitive and painful, as well as a buildup of plaque and tartar, which can significantly damage teeth.

Ginigivitis, known as inflammation of the gums, is obviously a problem. But how do you know if you might have it? There are some early warning signs that should give you a reason to call our office and schedule an appointment for a checkup:

1. Rather than a pale pink color, gums are a dark red color and bleed often, particularly when brushing and/or flossing.

2. Teeth appear to be longer, since the gumline has receded, exposing more of the tooth. 

3. A thick, yellow pus appears between the gum and the tooth, indicating an infection between the pocket.

Typical risk factors include smoking, tobacco use, diabetes, particular medications, hormonal changes, and many others. Treatment of gingivitis is commonly directed by a dentist, who can diagnose and prescribe treatment options to alleviate the problem.

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