These are the Foods That Stain Your Teeth the Most

Yellow teeth. We desperately want to avoid the look of yellow teeth, but many of our eating and drinking habits contribute to the presence of yellow on our pearly whites. While there are a number of teeth whitening procedures available, and a variety of practices to implement and foods we can eat to maintain whiter teeth, it’s worth practicing prevention to avoid making our teeth yellow in the first place, as well.

As a rule, we want to stay away from substances that contain chromogens, which are ‘intensely pigmented molecules’ that stick to the enamel on our teeth. In order to prevent yellow teeth and staining, we should stay away from the following foods and drinks as much as possible:

1- Wine

While red wine is known as a major cause of stains, white wine can actually stain your teeth, as well if it’s consumed before another notorious ‘stainer,’ such as tea or coffee.

2 – Berries

Any deeply colorful berries can cause stains, but some of the worst culprits are blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries.

3 – Tea

Tea, particularly of the black variety, is rich in tannins and is actually more aggressive in staining than the chromogens in coffee. The tannins increase the ‘stickiness’ of the chromogens present in tea.

4- Coffee

Coffee contains a high amount of chromogens and its dark color is notorious for causing stains and yellow teeth over time.

If you can’t stay away from these items, then it’s worth drinking through a straw or rinsing your mouth with water immediately after consuming these foods and beverages.

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