The Benefits of Laser Dental Cleaning

There are many patients out there suffering from mild to moderate gum disease (nearly half of people ages 30+), and these patients require significant cleaning in order to bring their gums and teeth back to health. Unfortunately, for decades, the procedure required to restore these teeth was invasive and uncomfortable. If you’ve ever seen a dentist or hygienist pull out a long tool with a sharp hook, you’ve experienced this first hand. The hook pulls up the advanced tartar clinging to the teeth in a very awkward fashion. Patients who experienced this can certainly attest to the fact that there needs to be a better way to provide relief to those suffering from mild gum disease.

The relief has come, in the form of laser dental cleaning. Laser dental cleaning offered at 6th Ave Periodontics and Implant Dentistry is a safe, comfortable, and easy way to treat mild to moderate gum disease. Utilizing a combination of water and laser energy, this procedure safely and gently removes decayed material on teeth without harming surrounding gum tissue. The laser also removes tartar and bacteria pockets from the places beneath your gum line where your toothbrush cannot reach. There’s typically no need for an anesthetic.

Depending on your case, Dr. Niakiani might use Arestin, a dental antibiotic powder, during the cleaning to promote the health of your teeth. Dr. Niakiani places the Arestin powder inside infected pockets below the gum line. Arestin will rid the area of bacteria and fight against any that enter those periodontal pockets.

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