What To Do About Swollen Taste Buds

Taste buds are one of those things in life that we often take for granted. We eat and drink foods several times a day. We enjoy sweet and salty flavors, while at times spurning bitter or sour foods that make us wince. Taste buds are the tiny tools that bring us joy and helps us appreciate the good food we consume on holidays, on birthdays, and every day in between.

While these forgotten taste buds typically regenerate ever 1-2 weeks, this process can get disrupted. Taste buds become swollen as a result of becoming irritated by a variety of elements, including:

– acid reflux

– dry mouth

– extremely hot or cold foods

– cold, flu, or fungal infection

– poor oral hygiene

– smoking

– acidic medications

– spicy or sour foods

When taste buds are irritated or swollen, the signals they send to our brain get disrupted as well, which can potentially make foods taste different. If your taste buds remain swollen for some time, the best step you can take is to remedy the cause of the irritation, either by changing your habits or by visiting the appropriate health care provider.

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