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Sleeping Disorder


According to the CDC, roughly 50-70 million Americans suffer from sleep or wakefulness disorder. Many of these problems go undiagnosed and people suffer significant consequences, as a result. A lack of quality sleep from sleep disorders, such as insomnia and obstructive sleep apnea, can lead to depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, low productivity, automobile crashes, and a variety of other problems.


Our team plays an important role in treating sleep disorders and can help you get started on the road to a better night’s sleep. We offer diagnostic and treatment solutions by analyzing your sleep history, as well as the quality of your upper airway and dentition. We can also provide oral appliances that are worn in the mouth during sleep. These custom-fit appliances prevent the airway from collapsing by supporting the jaw in a forward position. They achieve this effect by slightly advancing the lower jaw, which moves the base of the tongue forward and opens the airway to allow improved breathing, as well as reduced snoring and apneas.


The quality of your sleep certainly has a significant impact on the quality of your life. Schedule a consultation or complete the sleep screener to get started on your journey to better sleep and a better life.



What is a Sleeping Disorder? 

How Dentists Can Help Treat Sleeping Disorders

How Does Oral Appliance Therapy Work?



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