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Root Canal


Contained within each tooth is a small space called the root canal. This canal holds blood vessels and nerves in what is known as dental pulp. It is possible for the pulp to become diseased or even die, causing a toothache or, more seriously, an abscess. In the past, the conventional way to treat this was to simply remove the entire tooth. But times are much different now. We can perform a root canal procedure to restore your tooth back to health. A dead tooth can be saved and can last a lifetime, with its roots receiving nourishment from the surrounding teeth.

Losing your Tooth is Harsh.

During a root canal procedure, we are aiming to treat the pulp of a tooth that is dead or infected. The pulp is made of tissue, blood vessels, and nerves, and plays an important role in the health of your teeth. The standard of care for root canal therapy is to have a permanent crown placed over the tooth after the procedure is performed. A crown helps ensure the stability and function of the no longer vital tooth, allowing you to chew, bite and smile normally.


Treatment with Care

Root canal therapy has a long history of being a procedure that isn’t too enjoyable to have completed. In reality, root canals are similar to all other types of dental procedures. They may in some cases, require additional time for the treatment, as the number of roots in the tooth will affect the length of the procedure. Our office uses local anesthesia as well as nitrous oxide to ensure your comfort throughout the entire procedure.


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