What is the pH Value of My Favorite Drink?

We all consume a wide variety of beverages each week, from water to soda, coffee to wine, and beyond. Each of these different drinks has a unique pH level, which measures the degree of acidity.

This is important for our dental health because beverages with strong acids can cause problems to our teeth, as the acid wears down the enamel that protects us from decay and disease.

Water has a neutral pH of 7.0, although carbonated water is more acidic than water from the tap. Battery acid has a pH of around 1.0.


Here are the approximate pH levels of some other common drinks, provided by the Indiana Dental Association:

Water 7.0 (neutral)
Milk 6.7
Coffee 5.1
Minute Maid® Orange Juice 3.8
Propel® Fitness Water 3.4
Red Wine 3.3
Sprite® 3.3
Mountain Dew 3.3
Diet Coke 3.1
Sierra Mist 3.1
Full Throttle Energy Drink 3
Diet Pepsi 3
Gatorade® 2.9
Sunkist® Orange Soda 2.9
Dr. Pepper 2.9
Vault™ Energy Soda 2.9
Mountain Dew AMP 2.8
SoBe Energy Citrus 2.6
Minute Maid® Lemonade 2.6
Pepsi 2.5
Diet Schweppes Tonic Water 2.5
Coca-Cola Classic 2.4
Battery Acid 1

Drinks with low pH and a significant amount of acid can cause significant damage to our teeth and gums. Patients should stay away from acidic drinks as much as possible and rinse with water and brush quickly after consuming acidic beverages with low pH.

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