Infographic: The Link Between Oral and Overall Health

We’ve taken a detailed look at the close relationship between your oral health and your overall health before. However, sometimes it’s nice to see things in pictures, or in our case, a beautiful infographic.

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Infographic prepared by Lake Grove Dental

Some takeaways for those of you looking to enhance both their oral and overall health:

1. 14.74% of smokers adults aged 20-64 also have periodontal disease.

2. 23% of adults aged 20-64 have untreated cavities, which can lead to gum disease.

3. Adults with diabetes are 2x more likely to have periodontal and/or gum disease.  

If you’re interested in getting on the right track to better oral and overall health, we would love to help you on your way. Please contact us or make an appointment to meet our friendly team and receive the best dental care in the San Diego area.

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