No grinding, drilling, or shots – simply attach to your natural teeth.


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Ask us today how Lumineers can give you a permanently beautiful white smile.

Lumineers are a new type of veneer that allows you to get a custom-made smile designed with care. They are a more modern form of veneers, which are an easy way to improve and whiten stained or chipped teeth, as well as protect a damaged tooth from further harm.


Lumineers are extremely thin veneers – less than one-third as thick as traditional veneers. In many cases, Lumineers are a wonderful option for a comfortable and simple smile make-over. Unlike traditional veneers, Lumineers can be applied with no injections and little to no alteration of your existing teeth.

All veneers are a material that is placed over the surface of your existing tooth to lend it proper color, size and protection.


It typically takes just 2 visits to create your new smile using San Diego Lumineers. During your first visit, an exact mold is taken of your teeth. You and Dr. Roya Niakiani will determine the right shade and design for your permanently white and radiant new smile. On your second visit, Dr. Niakiani will painlessly bond and attach the Lumineers to your teeth.


That’s it. The natural-looking, white smile you’ve always dreamed about in just two simple visits.


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