Is Your Enamel Eroding?

Enamel is one of the most amazing compounds in the world. It’s the hardest substance in our body and is composed mostly of minerals: 96% hydroxyapatite and calcium phosphate. Our enamel protects our teeth against severe decay, but our enamel can also erode or be destroyed. As dentists, one of our primary concerns is the health if your enamel.

When we examine your mouth, we look for the following signs of enamel erosion:

1. You are in pain because your teeth are especially sensitive to hot or cold foods and liquids. 

2. Your enamel is discolored. This happens because the dentin underneath your enamel is exposed. Dentin is yellowish in color and is very noticeable when exposed. 

3. Your teeth’s edges appear transparent and seem like you may be able to see right through them.

4. Hairline cracks occur in your teeth. 

Unfortunately, enamel cannot be regenerated once destroyed. The best thing you can do to keep your enamel strong is to reduce the amount of acidic or sugary substances you consume. You can also chew gum to encourage your mouth to produce saliva, which is an alkaline substance that neutralizes the acid in your mouth.

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