How to Help Your Kids Maintain Healthy Teeth

While we predominantly work with adults here at 6th Ave Periodontics, we know how much our parents want to help their kids maintain their healthy teeth and smiles. We deeply understand that parents want nothing but the best for their kids, and that includes their dental health. However, recent news from BBC claims that more and more children are visiting hospitals with serious tooth decay. “All ages are at risk of developing cavities, especially if they don’t practice healthy dental habits, but dental cavities are a prevalent disease in our childhood population,” said Kathleen Pace, D.D.S., assistant professor at Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry.”

So how can parents help their kids maintain healthy teeth? If kids are to remain away from the hospital and dental offices with severe decay, the battle will most likely start at home. Here are some tips to help your kids keep their beautiful smile for years to come:

1. Regularly eat healthy food

Healthy diets don’t just help our muscles, skin, and cardiovascular system. Healthy foods have a positive impact on nearly every system, including our dental health. Staying away from foods that are high in sugar and acidity will help reduce the number of cavities that your child experiences.

2. Visit the dentist early and often

According to Prof Nigel Hunt, dean of the Royal College of Surgeons’ dental faculty, child tooth decay is over 90% preventable. Establishing a relationship with a pediatric dentist at an early age is essential. Regular checkups and cleaning can ensure that your child is receiving a routine examination that can uncover potential problems at an early stage.

3. Establish structured eating routines

Structured eating routines enable parents and kids to clean their teeth more often during the day. If a child drinks from a bottle of milk or juice throughout the day, there is always acid or food in the mouth. This provides a place for bacteria to continually thrive and results in more tooth decay over time. Eating at routine times and cleaning teeth after eating is a positive, easy step that can be taken to avoid serious decay.

If you have any lingering questions about how to help your kids maintain a beautiful smile, or if you would like to schedule a dental exam, please contact our team or make an appointment. Our incredible staff will give you the best dental care possible.

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