Common Teeth Whitening Myths: Bleaching Teeth is Dangerous

Ever since whitening products appeared in supermarkets and department stores, there has been more attention given to teeth whitening procedures, products, and solutions. With this attention has come a common myth; that bleaching your teeth is dangerous and hazardous to your health. Most whitening products contain some element of a bleaching agent, whether it’s carbamide, hydrogen peroxide, or something else. However, the way the agent acts is much different than many people understand.

The whitening process doesn’t wear down enamel, as some people claim. Instead, the products open pores in the teeth, allowing a cleaning agent, which is typically peroxide-based, to get into the inner part of the teeth and clean the stains. Once the treatment is over, the pores will close again and return back to normal.

For many people, this process is entirely safe. However, like any dental treatment, it’s essential to visit with your dentist to get a personalized treatment plan for any problem.

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