Should My Child Use a Mouth Guard?

Playing sports is a part of life for millions of American children across the country, and for good reason. Organized sports can provide kids with meaningful activities that can improve overall physical and mental health, as well as opportunities to enhance teamwork skills and make new friends.

However, just as you purchase helmets for football, basketball, and hockey or shin guards for soccer, it can be incredibly important for parents to purchase custom sports mouth guards for kids that play impact sports, such as football, baseball, soccer, and others. Mouth guards can obviously protect teeth from becoming chipped or broken, which may lead to problems like periodontal disease and require treatments like dental implants.

Watch the video below to hear the American Dental Association’s recommendation on mouth guards:


“Your smile is worth protecting whether you’re eight or 80. If you participate in a contact sport like football, basketball, or soccer, or even in non-contact sports like rollerblading, a custom mouth guard can help prevent potential damage to your teeth. Since your dentist makes the mouth guard especially for you, it fits properly and allows you to breathe normally and speak easily. Custom mouth guards are durable, comfortable, and offer the best protection. When an accident happens, a mouth guard will absorb some of the force caused by a ball to the chin or an elbow to the jaw. It may prevent a broken tooth or injury to the mouth or lips. Help protect your smile. Speak to your dentist about a custom mouth guard.”

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