4 Dental Habits to Break Today

We all have habits that we sometimes wish we could break. Pressing the snooze button too often, checking our email right before bed, eating McDonald’s in the car, or watching too much reality TV. There are also dental habits that can cause your mouth to experience more decay than is necessary, particular if habits last for too long. Here are the top five dental habits that you should break today:

1. Chewing on Ice

Chewing on ice might appear to be innocuous, but we’ve seen many patients who have chipped or cracked teeth after chewing on ice cubes. Rather than chewing on ice, we advise that our patients switch to other options, such as carrots or sugarless gum.

2. Drinking Fruit Juice

Fruit juice contains important vitamins that help our bodies, but the high amount of sugar in fruit juice does a great deal of damage to our teeth. We recommend eating real fruit, such as oranges or apples to gain the vitamins and minerals, instead of drinking orange juice and apple juice.

3. Snacking All Day Long

While most nutritionists recommend eating a higher number of smaller meals throughout the day, this strategy is actually more harmful to your teeth, even though it may be more healthy for the rest of your body. The problem is that your mouth always has new food in it and doesn’t stay clean for long. This attracts more bacteria to destroy your teeth throughout the day. We have a decent compromise: continue to each more small snacks, but rinse your mouth out with water or mouthwash or use tools like Wisps to clean your teeth between snacks.

4. Eating Cough Drops

Even though cough drops can provide relief for colds and sore throats, most of them contain a high amount of sugar. While we encourage our patients to use cough drops as necessary, it’s important to only use sugar-free cough drops. Ricola, Halls, and other manufacturers have started to make sugar-free cough drops more available.

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