What are the 3 Different Parts of a Tooth?

Our teeth are certainly one of the most important parts of our body, enabling us to process food and nutrients that keep us healthy and strong. However, to many people, teeth remain a mystery. From what foods are best for our teeth to how to care for them, many people are left with a wide variety of questions. Understanding the three different parts of a tooth can help to shed light on this essential part of our body.

1- Enamel

Enamel is the most mineralized part of the human body and is incredibly hard and strong. The outermost layer of the tooth, enamel can wear away and degrade over time, particularly in the presence of persistent acid from food and beverages.

2- Dentin

Your dentin lies directly behind the enamel and has a yellowish hue to it. Dentin has millions of tubules that lead to the dental pulp. If these tubules become exposed, it can lead to pain and dental problems.

3- Pulp

The innermost layer of your teeth is the pulp, which is an area of soft tissue that contains nerves and the blood supply for the tooth. Once decay reaches all the way to the pulp, a root canal is often required to alleviate the pain and restore the tooth back to health.

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