Why Do We Take Dental X-Rays?

We often have patients ask us why we have to take X-rays. After all, X-rays take extra time, can cost more money, and can even be quite uncomfortable. However, the benefits are more than worth the hassle, as X-rays are an invaluable tool that helps us diagnose problems with your teeth, even if the problems may not be currently bothering you.

What are X-Rays?

X-rays, or radiographs, enable us to see in between and even inside your teeth. We can view the tips of your teeth and the bone around your gum, giving us a better picture of decay and the extent of damage we need to fix. Furthermore, we can diagnose significant problems with your dental health, such as bone loss due to periodontal disease.

Types of X-Rays

We take a variety of X-rays for different purposes:

  • Bitewing X-Rays: show us the crowns of your teeth and enable us to check for early decay
  • Periapical X-Rays: show us your teeth’s bone height or root tips
  • Panoramic X-Ray: shows us the entire oral cavity on one large image, giving us a sense of problems such as cysts, impactions, tumors, and more.

Dental x-rays should be taken regularly to help us diagnose your dental health. Dental X-rays are not harmful, as the radiation exposure is negligible, and we take necessary precautions, such as collars and aprons, to reduce potential problems, as necessary.

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