Is Laser Dental Cleaning Safe?

Is Laser Dental Cleaning Safe?

The idea of laser dental cleaning can scare some patients away from a fantastic preventive measure and an effective treatment for gum disease. While the picture of lasers may remind some of light sabers, lasers used for dental cleaning are completely safe and offer many benefits over alternative methods. Here are some of the main benefits that we see from many patients in our office:

  • Immediately stops gum bleeding
  • Seals off gum pockets
  • Reduces the presence of loose teeth
  • Regenerate tissue and bone

Many patients start experiencing periodontal disease early in their 30s and 40s, creating a recipe for future disaster. However, routine laser dental cleaning can help prevent and treat these types of problems. What do we use lasers for?

  • Lasers remove tooth decay and prepare the enamel for fillings.
  • Lasers reshape gums and can remove the presence of bacteria.
  • Lasers enhance teeth whitening procedures by speeding up the process.

Laser dental cleaning is a safe procedure that can offer you many benefits. Make an appointment to get your teeth cleaned today and meet our fantastic team that’s willing to do whatever it takes to offer you fantastic care that leads to great results.

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