Could Invisalign Help Your Love Life?

Could Invisalign Help Your Love Life?

As dentists, we take our jobs very seriously. We help people maintain their oral health, achieve better overall health, and improve their smiles. This is serious business that we love being a part of. However, sometimes it’s nice to sit back and think about some other benefits of dentistry. The team at Invisalign created an interesting infographic for National Singles Week that makes for a great conversation starter. Here a few insights we found intriguing:

1. 82% of individuals say that the smile is the first thing they notice about another person.

2. 92% of respondents say that smile-related issues can be a problem when dating.

3. 18% feel that an imperfect smile may be holding them back from a healthier love life.

4. 39% of respondents think that a dental treatment would improve their ability to attract a mate.


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Infographic by Invisalign

It appears that our office can not only help you achieve and maintain better oral and overall health, but we may just be able to help you with your love life, although that’s certainly something we won’t guarantee.

Contact us or make an appointment to talk about how we can help you find the oral health and smile you’ve been looking for.

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