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Did You Know? Interesting Facts About Dental Implants

We've written extensively about different questions we receive about dental implants from our patients here in San Diego. We've taken a look at the safety of dental implants, discussed what you can eat after receiving dental implants, examined the benefits of dental implants, and even presented an e-book that answers all of our most frequently asked questions. Today we would like to deliver a few interesting facts about dental implants in order to provide even more education to our fantastic patients.
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How Harmful is Mouth Bacteria?

Today's question revolves around the bacteria living in your mouth. Is it healthy? Is it dangerous? These are great questions, as many patients know that not all bacteria is automatically bad for us. However, like bacteria in other parts of the human anatomy, there can be bacteria in your mouth that can be dangerous, not only to your oral health, but to the health of your entire body.
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