6 Other Reasons to Brush Your Teeth

6 Other Reasons to Brush Your Teeth

We all know the most common reasons to brush your teeth. Any dentist will be happy with you for brushing twice every day. This habit prevents gum disease, helps your teeth stay white, and promotes a healthy self-image. However, according to the Huffington Post, there are some other excellent reasons to brush your teeth, as well.

1. Thorough teeth cleanings lead to a lower risk of heart attacks for older adults, according to the American Journal of Medicine.

2. The American Journal of Medicine also found that regular brushing and visits to the dentist lead to a decreased risk of stroke.

3. Oral infections and diseases raise your risk of pneumonia. Therefore, regular brushing that leads to fewer cases of these oral health issues can make you less susceptible to pneumonia and COPD. 

4. A 2007 study in the Journal of Periodontology Online shows that healthy brushing habits can lead to a healthier pregnancy. This study showed that periodontal disease is linked with pre-term low birth weight. 

5. Brushing your teeth can help you eat proper amounts of food, potentially leading to a healthier weight. According to Prevention, brushing your teeth serves as an indicator to your brain that the meal is done, initiating your digestive system to take over and process your food. This mechanism also helps you eat fewer calories. 

6. In 2010, the NYU College of Dentistry found that gum disease may increase the risk for Alzheimer’s Disease. Brushing your teeth reduces gum disease, possibly helping your brain perform better later in life.

There are plenty of reasons to brush and get a regular dental cleaningContact us or make an appointment to schedule a cleaning to achieve a brighter smile you can be proud of.

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