5 Questions to Ask About Dental Implants

5 Questions to Ask About Dental Implants

Receiving dental implants can be an anxious event for patients. While dental implants are an excellent treatment for patients who are missing teeth or are going to lose their teeth, the process can be mentally challenging, especially during the consideration and education phase. Our team is here to help you through the treatment and make you feel comfortable the entire way. Here are some questions that you should ask before you decide to get dental implants:

1. How long has the dentist been placing implants? How many has he or she performed?

2. What is the dentist’s five and ten-year success rate?

3. How many surgeries will be required?

4. Is the doctor also restoring the implant?

5. What kind of technology does the dentist have available to perform the treatment?

Getting the answers to these questions is a great place to start the process and will undoubtedly make you feel better about receiving dental implants. Schedule an appointment with our team and we’ll answer these and many other questions that you may have. We’re excited to see you and make your smile beautiful.

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