3 Tips for Better Brushing

3 Tips for Better Brushing

While most of us dedicate time each morning and night to brush our teeth and maintain good oral health, there’s more art to brushing than meets the eye. Several strategies have proven to be most effective in getting rid of harmful bacteria and sugar that can leave your mouth full of decay, cavities, gum disease, or other troublesome maladies. Add these three tips to your routine and we are confident that you’ll notice a difference in the quality of your oral health.

1. Set a Timer.

A hunch just isn’t good enough when it comes to determining when to finish brushing your teeth. Studies show that patients dramatically overestimate the time that has gone by when brushing. Set a timer in your bathroom, on your phone, or get a Sonicare to provide you with timed intervals for each quadrant. This will ensure that you’re brushing for the full two minutes each time you pick up your toothbrush.

2. Brush Softer.

It really doesn’t take much force to break up the bacteria and food that gets caught in your mouth. In fact, brushing too hard can cause problems by ruining the enamel on your teeth or damaging your gums or tooth structure. Hold your brush at a 45-degree angle, use circular strokes, and apply soft pressure for two minutes. Your teeth will thank you.

3. Change Your Toothbrush Often.

Once the bristles on your toothbrush start to wear, it’s time to get a new one. Replacing your toothbrush is important because it ensures that your toothbrush maintains its effectiveness and that old bacteria don’t continue to accumulate over long periods of time. A good rule of thumb is to change your toothbrush every 4-6 months or any time that you’re sick.

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